Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oink Well's Point of View: Where's the Pink?

A month or so back I took a part time job in in a local clothing consignment shop. It been more years than I care to admit since I have worked in fashion or retail. And I have to admit I am hopelessly out of touch with what is actually in-style. Over the years (read decades) I have developed my own unique style that I call “Gypsy Writer with an Aging Hippie Chic Flair.”

In case you’re not familiar with that particular style it incorporates lots of long flowing skirts guaranteed to hide any figure, good or bad. The favorite of my collection is a patchwork maxi that my husband abhors. The variety of fabrics used in the skirt allows me to wear any color of t-shirt including my beloved PINK. (I bought this in an actual store over my husband’s weeping objection.)

Pink is a key color in my style which is why I was shocked when Pantone released their color forecast for Spring 2014 and it did not include a single shade of pink. The closest is Cayenne which more of red. Oh the purples are lovely.  The Violet Tulip makes want to run to the make counter for some fresh eye shadow. And the Placid Blue make makes me long for a lakeside spot to snuggle up with my laptop.
But for Pig’s sake where is the pink? Not a hint of Cotton Candy or Baby Pink. No Blush or Tickle Me Pink. I’d settle for Barbie, Carnation or Champagne. But I really long for is Piggy Pink. 
Stylist say that pink is not a good color for women of a certain age but then why do we love it so. I think we secretly long for those days when nothing gave us more joy that a pink tutu or a stick of peppermint and big pink bow was the height of fashion. And when it comes to it we haven't change much over the years. Inside every woman of a certain age or beyond is the girl who wove pink ribbons in her hair. 

Finding our style is part finding what makes us happy. The pro stylists will turn their noses up at my pink cowboy hat, so be it. They don't have to live in my skin or my clothes. And to them I say Oink! Oink!
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