Meet Permanent Oink

Who is Permanent Oink?

Writers, Bloggers, Yarn Addicts

Permanent Oink is the up and coming writing duo of Jilly Mosier and Marie Davies. They met while attending Weight Watchers Meeting for several years. (Yes, we said years.) Supporting each other thru ups and downs, loss and gain, and pregnancy (Jilly’s), they became the best of friends.  Late in 2013, Jilly had the brilliant idea of the pair writing a book together. Marie being the Oinktress of Unfinished Manuscripts leapt at the idea.

In a former life, Jilly was a structural engineer. Today, her fulltime job is being the mom of two beautiful Oinkcesses, Oinkette and Oinkling. (Marie is Oinkling’s Fairy God Mother with the emphasis on fairy.) In addition to being a faithful Weight Watcher, Jilly is a mad crocheter, active in the prayer shawl ministry, and teaches Sunday school at her local church. You would be amazed what she can get done while taking care of two children. Jilly, her husband, daughters, and two cats live in Catonsville, Maryland.

Marie hasn’t taken a straight path in life (whose has?). For a while, it appeared she might be a professional student. She’s been a Minister, an adjunct professor and Realtor.  Now, she is a pro-ghost blogger and social media manager for local businesses while working part-time at a swanky consignment shop called Doris’ Closet.  She lives in Catonsville, Maryland with her husband of twenty-six years and a very spoiled Jack Russell Terrier. During her down time she can be found riding her bike, paddling her pink kayak on the Patapsco River or at the local YMCA.

Together, Permanent Oink can be found at the local Weight Watchers meeting or area coffee shops, passing Oinkling back and forth between them, drinking coffee and talking about their project. As writers, the twosome plays to each other’s strengths. Jilly is a planner, researcher and plotter. Marie is a pantser, dialog writer and social media guru.

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